segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2009

Will and Grace - 3x05 "Grace 0 Jack 2000"


(WILL is sitting in the front passenger seat. GRACE and KAREN are sitting in the back. GRACE is lost in thought, noisily cheweing gum.)

KAREN: Oh, God. I can't stand it any longer. You're chewing like a big cow. Hand it over!

GRACE: Oh... I'm sorry. [GRACE SPITS THE GUM INTO KAREN'S HAND] I'm just a little nervous. I'm breaking up with Ben, tonight.

KAREN: Well, what's the problem, Grace? He's not gay?

GRACE: No, he's--great. He's just not right.

KAREN: Of course he's not white. Sheesh...

GRACE: Right. He's not right.

KAREN: Listen, Ben is a catch. And for some reason, he's crazy about you. What is your problem?

WILL: [TO THE TAXI DRIVER] Amazing how one little cardboard tree can make so little difference.

GRACE: Look, Karen, the bottom line is I'm just not in love with him.

KAREN: Yeah, well, all I know is ever since you two got together, I've never seen you happier. How do you know that's not love?

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