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The L Word, in english please

So I’m supposed to do a work for my English course. I have to say something about a movie or music or something like that. So I've chosen to talk about The L Word.
Just to shock everybody. I know, I know.
I'll probably open this blog there, tomorrow, so I could show the video. But I don't know. I don't think they are ready for something like this. UAHSUASHAUSHAS
Noooooooo, I really don’t care.

It’s a Showtime Series, about lesbians, gays, transgender and bisexuals. A person who haven't seen this should say "OMFG, Its obscene :O", and there is where they got wrong.
The L Word have it's parts of sex [and I have to say, it's REAAAALLYY nice sex scenes], but It's amusing for the relations, between the lesbians girls with their lovers, with their family and, first of all, their friends.

There is Tina and Bette, a model lesbian couple. They wanna have a child and be happy, but lots of things happen to them.
There is Shane, a great lover. She doesn't do relationships, only fun. She's a heart breaker.
There is Alice, bisexual, who invented The Chart . Talkative and funny, she is one of the greatest characters.
There is Dana, a tennis player, who hides her sexuality because of her career. She had a relationship with her best friend [Alice] but then died with Cancer. :/
There is Jenny, who was engaged and then discovered the lesbian inside of her. She had a traumatic childhood, and the scars made her a really problematical person.
There is Helena, daughter of a rich woman, who took all her money from her. She discovered the true life with her friend around.
There is Kit, Bette's big sister, Alcoholic, she bought a lesbian bar [the Planet] even not being lesbian.
There is Max, who used to be Moira. He is a transgender, and suffers a lot on work.
There is Jodi, a deaf artist who had an affair with Bette.
There is Tasha, a black military woman, she have some problems with prejudice at work. After Dana's death, will be Al's girlfriend.

I think every one should watch this series, to see that those girls have a lot in common with every straight person. But I have to say, those girls are more interesting than other series around. :D

Ps.: For the record, Bonde do Rolê music was in the series, as lots of other really nice music. if someone wants to take a look here. And here, some funny parts of the show.

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